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  1. Reduced Fuel Costs: If you do a lot of driving, Hybrid vehicles are a thrifty alternative to saving money at the gas pump. The ability to travel on battery power alone at low speeds is also another great asset to have!
  2. Fewer Emissions: Keeping the air clean is a great benefit to hybrid cars. You alone can have a great impact on our environment by driving a vehicle that greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses they produce.
  3. Tax Incentives! The Federal Government recognizes that hybrid vehicles are a bit more expensive than gas-only ones. In return, they have implemented several income tax credit programs that are designed to encourage the purchase of hybrid cars.
  4. High Resale Value. Since there aren’t a whole lot of hybrid vehicles out there, on top of the fact that they come with a higher standard of equipment than gas-only vehicles, they have higher resale value than other vehicles.
  1. Quiet, Smooth, and Quick Ride! You won’t even know this vehicle is running, and the ride is so smooth as opposed to clunky, heavier, regular vehicles!
  2. Recharging Stations: We have a recharging station at any of our Steet Ponte Auto Group stores in Yorkville, NY to charge your vehicle in 30 minutes or less! Additionally, you can always charge your vehicle right in your own garage. Plug your vehicle in before you go to bed, and you’re ready to go another 100 miles or so.
  3. NO Emissions: A step up from Hybrid vehicles, Electric vehicles produce ZERO emissions! Talk about doing a great thing for our environment and the air you breathe!
  4. Inexpensive to Operate: No exhaust system = no oil changes! To maintain your electric vehicle, make sure your tires are rotated and keep them inflated when they need more air.​ 
Thinking about making the switch to the new and improved hybrid or electric vehicles? Read up on the benefits of driving a Hybrid or Electric vehicle from United Auto Sales of Utica! Both types of vehicles greatly reduce greenhouse gasses, making the air you breathe cleaner, are easier to maintain, and are super smooth rides! Give United Auto Sales a call today so we can find you your next energy efficient vehicle (315) 736-3361.
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