Winter is coming. You can feel it in the air around Utica, NY. There is no doubt that the days and nights are colder, and the snowflakes will soon be starting to fall. With this change of seasons, there are new challenges that pop up for your daily commute to Rome, NY. You will need to prepare your car, truck, or SUV for the winter months ahead. It is time to schedule your winter service with the team from United Auto Sales, located at 4994 Commercial Drive in Yorkville, NY.

Why Should I Schedule My Winter Service with United Auto Sales?

You may be wondering why you should schedule your service with or team. The truth is that there are many reasons why folks schedule their service with us. First, we have a highly-trained and skilled group of service technicians. Many of them have a lot of experience working in the field of automotive service. This experience means that they can handle all of your auto service and car repair needs.

Additionally, we have a vast array of service coupons that are designed to make your winter maintenance more affordable. You can peruse these savings from the comfort of your Whitesboro, NY home. Since the savings change often, there are always new ways you can save some cash. Folks can also take advantage of our online service scheduling system to make their service appointments for times that are convenient to their schedule.

Explore Our Winter Service Menu

There are a variety of ways that we can help you get your car, truck, or SUV ready for the winter season. Because of the skill and experience we have in our service center, you can count on getting a comprehensive menu of winter services. Your car will be ready for all of the challenges these colder months put forth once our service team works on your vehicle.

Some of the winter services we offer at our dealership include:

Tire Services

Our service center can change over your summer tires to winter tires, so you can have all of the traction and grip you need for your daily commute to Herkimer, NY. We can also perform tire rotations and balancing if needed. Since the roads are wet and snowy in this area during winter, it is imperative that you get your tire services addressed by our team.

Battery Inspections and Replacement

You don't want to wait until the temperature drops below zero to find out that your car's battery doesn't have what it takes to make it through the season. United Auto Sales can inspect your vehicle's battery and replace it if it doesn't have the juice it needs to hold up against winter conditions.

Heating/AC System Inspection

Drivers want to make sure that their car's heating system is ready to go when the temperatures really start to drop. Our service team can inspect your heating system to ensure that it will blow warm air throughout these frigid months.

Brake Services

Stopping on snowy and icy roads can be challenging. Your car will need to have a brake system that is working at optimal levels. The service center at United Auto Sales can perform a brake system inspection and replace any components that are at the end of their lifecycle.

Oil Change

The beginning of the winter season is a great time to make sure that fresh oil is running through your engine. Our service center can provide your vehicle with an oil change service, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your engine system's components are all properly lubricated.

Set Up Your Winter Service Visit Today

The snow is going to start flying before you know it. Schedule your winter service with the team from United Auto Sales, so you can be prepared today.

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