An Auto Care Guide to Flushing & Replenishing the Coolant in Your Car in Yorkville, NY

Why Coolant Flushes Are Important & Why You Might Need One in Yorkville, NY

Staying cool under pressure is the best way to avoid overheating. As the saying goes, it's a common cliché that helps describe how you can avoid 'popping a gasket', which in literal terms refers to losing your cool. But when it comes to helping your vehicle remain calm and stay cool, the best way to avoid your engine from overheating is by remembering to flush and replenish the coolant in your car.

As you seek out new adventures in Utica, NY, and prepare your vehicle to hit the roads this winter, there are certain things you need to keep an eye out for. Most importantly, the quality of your vehicle's coolant. If your car, truck, or SUV is struggling to get up to speed and has immense trouble staying cool (even during the colder months of winter), you might want to consider examining the quality of your coolant.

What is a Coolant Flush?

Coolant - otherwise known as anti-freeze - is a liquid that's added to your engine to help it stay cool, preventing it from overheating. It combines with water and a dilution of anti-freeze to help raise the boiling point of the coolant to avoid freezing during the winter. For most pressurized systems that rely on combustion energy to generate power and horsepower, coolant is an essential product that is specifically designed to regulate the internal and operating temperature of your engine.

When it comes time to flush your coolant, our team at United Auto Sales of Utica will perform a coolant flush to help clean out the system and refine the function of your engine's ability to stay cool without freezing or overheating. The process involves sanitizing your cooling system, ridding the liquid free of any dirt, rust, or sludge that may have accumulated since your last coolant flush. It's the best way to service your engine's cooling system to ensure your vehicle can perform at its peak potential in Rome, NY.

Do I Need a Coolant Flush?

The best way to tell if you're due for a coolant flush is by bringing your vehicle in for routine scheduled maintenance. But if you haven't had your vehicle checked out by a professional, some additional indicators can suggest that your engine is due for a coolant flush. Before hitting the roads in Whitesboro, NY, here are some initial signs that may indicate your vehicle is overdue for a coolant flush, including:

Engine is Overheating

When there is excess heat sweltering and steaming through the veins of your engine, it's a clear sign that it's overheating. At this point, it's good to start by looking at your coolant and inspecting it for any particle damage, followed by a thorough flush and refill.

Internal Thermometer Malfunction

If you notice your internal temperature gauge on the fritz, or your engine's heat indicator acting up, it might be that your engine is having trouble staying cool. If this is the case, be sure to relieve the strain on your engine by draining the old coolant and replenishing the system with fresh liquid.

Your Vehicle is Old

Old age invites dirt, debris, and rust to infiltrate the cooling system if left unchecked and unattended for months or even years. If you've been driving your car for over five years without personally performing or scheduling a professional coolant flush, now is the perfect time to do so.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information about coolant flushes, please call or contact us online to speak with a dedicated member of our service team at our dealership near Herkimer, NY. For a limited time, United Auto Sales of Utica is currently offering a coolant flush special offer (starting at just $99.99) so be sure to maximize your savings by scheduling a coolant flush service appointment today!

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