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When spring arrives in Yorkville, many drivers know that it's time to switch their winter tires over for summers. But, did you know that there are more spring services available to prepare your vehicle for the warm summer months ahead? These spring services not only get rid of potential winter repercussions but also help protect the longevity of your vehicle, giving you a great head start into the fun summer season.

Spring Car Maintenance Services That are Recommended for Your Spring Service

While every maintenance checklist will be different for each vehicle, there are a few spring services that should be performed on any model. Some of these include:

Oil and Filter Change

If your oil change light is on, you'll want to schedule an oil and filter change as soon as possible. Not only does bad oil lower your fuel economy and provide less lubrication for your engine's parts, but it also can lead to more extensive engine repair issues. If the oil change light is not on, we recommend checking the oil to see if it's clean and full.

Battery Check and Replacement

The winter can be hard on your car's battery. The changing temperatures can drain the battery, especially if you live in low-temperature regions like Utica, Rome, or Whitesboro, NY. To ensure that your car's battery is ready for summer's high temps, you'll want to have it tested and/or replaced. Leaving an almost dead battery in your vehicle can lead to hard starts or no starts, which are not only frustrating but also highly inconvenient.

Tire Changes, Rotations, and Alignments

While many Herkimer, NY, area drivers know that winter tires should be removed in the spring, it's always nice to have a reminder to switch out your tires when the snow leaves. If you've been driving all winter on all-season tires, you'll want to have them rotated to ensure even wear. You should also determine if your wheel alignment is straight or if something has been knocked off balance. Potholes are plentiful in the spring and may knock your wheels out of alignment if hit just right. Keeping your wheels properly aligned will lead to a better overall drive, more fuel efficiency, and less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Spring Cleaning (Inside and Out)

Spring cleaning isn't just for your house. When the weather becomes nicer, it's a great time to clean out the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This includes emptying any trash or items from the cabin, vacuuming the carpet and seats, and washing all surfaces and interior windows. The exterior requires a deep clean to get rid of any winter road debris, salt, or dirt. Don't forget to wash the undercarriage and clean out the trunk.

Windshield Service

A spring service that typically gets forgotten is windshield service. Throughout the winter and early spring, you may have been hit by rocks or other road debris placed down to eliminate snow or ice. If a rock has cracked your windshield, you'll want to have it replaced as soon as possible, especially if it's hindering your view. Your windshield wipers should also be inspected and replaced if needed, and the windshield wiper fluid should be filled.

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If your vehicle needs any form of spring service or maintenance, our service center is here to help. There are many reasons why our Utica area drivers choose us for their car service, and we'd love to help you however we can. Feel free to schedule your service appointment, take a closer look at our service financing opportunities, and check out our available service specials along the way. Contact our service center or stop by our United Auto Sales of Utica dealership if you have questions.

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